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    Bandai Online Shop Exclusive - Carddass - Dragonball Carddass "Revival Legend" Part 31 & 32 Complete Box (Deposit Required)
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    Bandai Online Shop Exclusives, Dragonball
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    Out of Stock
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  • Launch Date
    Apr 2016
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    0.88 kg
Please note the following:

- All member accounts will be required to provide a deposit of $50 to confirm reservation
- Reservations taken via accounts not in good standing may not be fulfilled at our discretion
- In the event of allocation, TFH reserves the right of arbitration and allocation of stocks

Comes with:

- Dragonball Carddass Part 31 (36 normal + 6 prism cards)
- Dragonball Carddass Part 32 (36 normal + 6 prism cards)
- 6-pocket binder
- Scouter card
- Super promo card
- Booklet

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