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    JX004 - Ophiuchus: Dawn of The Humanoids - 1/6 Corporal Joel Hagan Death Squad Version
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    1/6 Figure > Jackal X
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    Jackal X
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    Feb 2020
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Corporal Joel Hagan

35 years old

Brooklyn, Sector 1 (Old New York City)

Military Experience:
10 years veteran in the 1st Precinct Sector 1, was promoted to the rank of Captain before joining HRF

Urban combat and great survival instinct. Joel was known to the police force as the 1st rookie to bring down a band of armed savages. A total of 17 savages were killed. The remaining 5 were wounded and captured. In the process, Joel was also critically injured while trying to save an innocent civilian from a grenade explosion. Unfortunately, the explosion killed the civilian and the shrapnel blasted through both of his arms. The arms injury were so critically severe at that time that no medical expertise was able to save it. As the result, Joel’s arms have to be amputated to prevent dangerous virus infection that would have been life threatening.


On the eve of X'mas night, the 1st and 7th Precinct Sector 1 Police Department HQ building in downtown Manhattan were destroyed by multiple car bombs. Minutes after the aftermath, follow up synchronized attacks have resulted in a total wipeout of all police personnels.

Witnesses said that the explosion "seemed to have started at Sixth Avenue", with evidence of a "twisted truck" in the middle of West 33rd Street.

A law enforcement official speaking on condition of anonymity stated that the blast ripple wave (BRW) signature appeared to have contained a similar noise signal generated from a rare material composite, Potassium Trisulfate (7646-93-7). It was the only material found in abundance in Sector 13.

Further investigation revealed the chain of attacks were perpetrated by the Humanoids.

Burdened by the guilt of being the only survival, not a single day goes by that Joel didn’t think about his dead brothers. They will never be forgotten.

"My brothers, you fight with hell. Now you walk with angels. May God keep you safe and till we meet again. God Speed"

Officer Richard Hagerman - 27 years old
Officer Robert Spehar - 28 years old
Sergeant Nicholas Vickers - 33 years old
Lieutenant Thomas Mills - 45 years old
Captain Jesse Day - 42 years old
Inspector Mario "Buck" Pope - 39 years old
Sgt. 1st Class Harry Jacob - 31 years old
Senior Chief Information Systems Technician James Kim - 28 years old
Master Sgt. Pete T. Ponder Junior - 35 years old
Chief Warrant Officer Marcus Shabby - 40 years old
Quartermaster 1st Class Eric "Pretty Boy" Hanaki - 28 years old
Gunner’s Mate 2nd Class Danny Pietz - 26 years old
Lt. Cmdr. Jeffery S. Kristensen - 32 years old
Staff Sgt. Joey Biunno - 29 years old
Sgt. 1st Class Marcus Lawrence - 33 years old
Maj. Richard "Duke" Dunn - 34 years old

Joel realized that the only way to honor their memories, was by joining HRF and to bring the fight back to the Humanoids.

Special features of the 1/6th scale Corporal Joel Hagan collectible figure:

- Body with over 30 points of articulations
- Approximately 30 cm tall
- 1 pair of robotic arms
- 1 right palm
- 3 left palms

- 1 hoodie
- 1 pants
- 1 assault vest
- 1 tactical backpack
- 1 duty belt
- 1 pair of assault shoes

- 1 X9 tech helmet
- 1 pair of magnetic night vision goggles
- 1 back pouch
- 1 utility pouch
- 1 utility side leg drop bag
- 5 JXR-15 bullet mag pouches
- 5 JXR-15 bullet mags
- 1 JXR-15 grenade mag
- 1 tactical holster platform
- 1 tactical holster (LBT)
- 1 tactical lanyard

- 1 JXR-15 assault rifle
- 1 JXR-15 suppressor
- 1 JXR-15 optic
- 1 XM1041 sniper rifle
- 1 TR-1 revolver
- 1 TR-1 revolver scope
- 1 TR-1 revolver infrared unit
- 1 TR-1S revolver
- 2 frag grenades

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