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    ** Game & Watch Perfect Catalogue - Commentary & Photograph Of All 60 Model Include
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    Oct 2018
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Innovative hand-held game machines, games & watches that turned Nintendo into flights to the world
Before the introduction of the Nintendo, the children became infatuated and slashed game machines that swept the world!

All 60 models released in Japan and abroad are posted on a full-scale!
Game & Watch First Perfect Catalog

● Introduction of all games & watches with detailed review
● How to realize color display? Enhanced hard commentary
● How can I play with non-actual equipment? Transplant title introduction
● Release detailed data list posted at the end of the book

■ Game & Watch All models review
Multi screen
Color screen
Panoramic screen
New wide
Super color
Micro VS System
Crystal screen
■ Game & Watch Database & Useful Column
Game & Watch Overseas circumstances
Games & watches that can be played outside the real machine
Not introduced rare models introduced
Game & Watch Release Database

B5 size / 176 pages all color