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    D80131 - SS-Panzer-Division Das Reich MG42 Gunner Version B - Egon
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    1/6 Figure > DID
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  • Launch Date
    Oct 2018
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  • Weight
    1.36 kg
Comes with:

- Super realistic head sculpt with knitted brows and gnashing teeth
- Body
- 2 pairs of interchangeable hands including:
-- 1 pair of open palms
-- 1 pair of palms for holding gun

- M42 field tunic
- M35 helmet with inner liner and weathering
- M40 fur-lined pullover parka
- Grey german toque
- Camo trousers
- Belt
- Y straps
- Gloves
- Boots

- Shovel (wood and metal) with covers (real leather)
- Gas mask canister
- Bread bag
- Canteen
- MG42 spare barrel with barrel case
- MG42 anti-aircraft spider sight
- MG42 ammo box (metal) with 50-bullet chain
- Tripod mount connector for MG42
- Drum magazine x2 with carrier

- MP40 submachine gun (metal) with 2 clips and 5 bullets
- MP40 ammo pouch x2
- K98 bayonet with scabbard and sheath

- Collar tabs x2
- Iron Cross 2nd Class Ribbon x2
- Shoulder boards x2
- Sleeve Eagles
- Black cuff title
- Wound Badge in black

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