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  • Name
    Old Timer Series OTS-05/06/07 - Claymore, Hypno & Kickbutt
  • Category
    Other Shape Changing Robots
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  • Launch Date
    Sep 2015
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  • Weight
    1.02 kg
Comes with:

- Claymore, Hypno and Kickbutt (approximately 14 - 14.5 cm from head to toe)
- Alternative face plates for Claymore and Kickbutt
- Matching characters show color (includes silver paint, yellow chest armor,Hypno robot mode has grey chest and changes into purple in giant bug mode)
- Ratchet joints located on different areas of Claymore, Hypno and Kickbutt
- Weapon x3 (ability to store the weapons in both robot and giant bug mode)
- Energy cube x3
- Transformation menu