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    12'Hero's Meister Ultraman (Japan Version)
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    1/6 Figure > Gen-Ti-Nel, Ultraman
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  • Launch Date
    Mar 2016
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    1.74 kg
What is "12'Hero's Meister"?

A new brand bringing characters from «Monthly Comic Magazine HERO'S» into figures in the standard size: 12' inches. With Sentinel's unique design and manufacture technique, the action figures' full craftsmanship will be presented.

The first character in this series will be the Ultraman of the dawning era: "Shinjiro Hayata", son of the first Ultraman "Shin Hayata", wearing the modern ultra-suit to be the next Ultraman. More poseable than other present 12' series and heftily presented by the diecast material used; in addition the LED lighting gimmicks on each part make this action figure the last word on Ultraman.

Comes with:

- Ultraman figure
- 3 pairs of interchangeable hand parts
- 2 effect parts
- Test batteries

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