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    ** Mega Drive Perfect Catalogue - 30th Anniversary Memorial Book for Mega Drivers!
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    Jun 2018
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Total of 192 pages, full colored, containing lots of hardware and software.
This book is meant to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Sega Mega Drive.

Sega 's strategic machine, the world' s first 16 - bit CPU, MegaDrive was released in October 1988 and will celebrate its 30th anniversary this year.
Over 30 million sold worldwide, the super hit title "Sonic the hedgehog" released for mega drive sold 6 million worldwide,
In the United States I got a character popularity that makes it twin with Nintendo's Mario.
This book approaches the secret of the popularity of such mega drive, and at that time the user of that time is nostalgic,
It is a book that will inspire young game fans I learned for the first time in retro boom of recent years to let them know the charm.

■ Chapter 1: MegaDrive hard major research
MegaDrive / Mega CD
MegaDrive 2 / Mega CD 2
Wonder Mega
Tera drive
Mega jet
Laser active
Super 32X
Other peripheral equipment and overseas hardware etc.

■ Chapter 2: MegaDrive Software All Catalog
554 titles released in Japan are introduced in order of release date, packages and screen pictures all

■ Chapter 3: MegaDrive Overseas Software Catalog
Introduction of major titles for genesis (mega drive) released overseas with packages and screen pictures
All catalog of 897 titles released overseas