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    Acid Rain - Kaleb
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    Acid Rain
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    Toys Alliance
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    September 2021
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Nicknamed Crimson Knuckles, Kaleb was once Neo Atlantis' most trusted local transporter, helping the logistics giant establish its main port in chaotic western Europa. At the peak of his career, he surprised Neo-Atlantis' highest echelons by turning down an executive role to retire with his newly wed bride. After his wife died giving birth to twins, Kaleb prayed for a quiet and secluded life to raise their children - the precious mementos left of his beloved. Yet fate took an unrelenting turn, forcing him to flee the citadel he helped build. His hope now lies in crossing the largest Gray Zone to find a new life on the other side of Europa. With the newborn twins in tow. This journey will be a treacherous one, but nothing will stop this father from fulfilling his mission to ensure the safety of his beloved angels.

Comes with:

- Kaleb
- Finn
- Tactical vest
- ASMG6 submachine gun
- Back basket
- Baby bottle
- Baby gas mask

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