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    Acid Rain - Angels Born in Hell
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    Acid Rain
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    Toys Alliance
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    September 2021
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The faint vibration of guitar strings sounded against the sporadic gunfire in the horizon. Finn and Quinn stirred in their cradles, smiling innocently in their dreams. When Kaleb was forced to flee his previous life with the twins, he took only his wife's guitar with them. Music dulled the pain of loss and conjured up the mirage of reunion. Each night, Kaleb relived the same nightmare over and over again - falling towards the fires of Hell, only to be pulled back in the nick of time by two shining angels. The angels gave him the courage and faith to survive in a world numbed by unspeakable tragedy. The song was his wife's favorite - Amifa's "Angels Born in Hell".

Comes with:

- Kaleb
- Finn
- Quinn
- Babysitter BSC-4
- Maritime Preton
- Tactical vest
- ASMG6 submachine gun
- Back basket
- Electric guitar
- Baby bottle
- Baby gas mask

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