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  • Name
    Samurai Shodown - Nakoruru
  • Category
    Samurai Shodown
  • Manufacturer
    Storm Collectibles
  • Availabilty
    Pre-order Closed
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  • Launch Date
    3rd Quarter 2021
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    0.00 kg
Nakoruru is a Shrine Maiden warrior who can hear the voices of spirits and nature. A gentle girl who loves nature and animals from the bottom of her heart, she usually spends peaceful time with her family in the village. However, when she feels the crisis of nature, she departs from the village and challenges the mission of "protecting nature". Defeating evil enemies that threaten nature with a powerful attack with the hawk sidekick Mamahaha.


- 3 interchangeable head sculpts
- 3 interchangeable hair styles
- 4 pairs of interchangeable palms
- 1 Makiri short sword
- 1 sword effect part
- 1 Hawk Mamahaha
- 1 set of interchangeable Hawk Mamahaha wings and tail

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