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    1/6th Scale Collectible Figure - Numbered Operative Program: Enforcer - Enforcer Unit-088 (Jor Ros X Devil Toys Collaboration)
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    1/6 Figure > Devil Toys
  • Manufacturer
    Devil Toys
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    Pre-order Closed
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  • Launch Date
    4th Quarter 2021
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    0.00 kg
Limited worldwide release of 299 sets.

In a dystopian future, where wars and natural disasters have ravaged most of the planet, the survivors settled in different territories that ended up banning weapons and violence. In order to protect themselves from bandits, thieves and violent groups, they created an alliance, NOPE (Numbered Operative Program: Enforcer) which are cyborg guardians that fight off any who attempt to attack the pacified territories.

Unit-088 is an Enforcer, part of the organization that aims to protect the citizens by roaming the out land deserts keeping any threat at bay.

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