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    Harmagedon: Genma Wars - Vega (Deposit Required)
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    Harmagedon: Genma Wars
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    July 2020
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Vega, the cyborg warrior from the classic Japanese SF Anime "Genma Wars", will be released as an action figure by Sen-Ti-Nel!

First released in 1983 and directed by Rintaro with character-designed by Otomo Katsuhiro (of Akira fame). Sen-Ti-Nel has taken this very creative design and made it into an action figure without giving up any detail of the original design.


- 12 inches tall with over 40 points of articulation
- Built in special gimmicks that will improve the overall range of motion have been included
- LED lights are built into head and chest to improve the overall feel of the product
- Eyeballs are movable allowing its intimidating glare to look in the direction of the enemy
- 2 face parts "Normal Ver" and "Damage Ver" are included

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